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With more than two decades of international experience we love to connect people and ideas around the world.


Andrea Tapper is the founder and owner of tapperpress press agency. She is a senior editor with more than 20 years of experience in leading media positions. At tapperpress she is supported by a team of freelancers – writers, graphic designers, young web specialists, travel and PR experts.


Our topics are: global development, public affairs, women, health and, on the lighter side, travel, tourism, wellness & lifestyle.


Tapper has worked as an international correspondent in Kenya for 7 years. Since then she has continued reporting from many countries in Africa, Asia, the US and Europe. She carries out media consultancies and trains journalists in developing and transitional countries.


She began her career as Germany’s first female police reporter in the industrial heartland of Germany and worked as international correspondent for REUTERS in Düsseldorf. She co-founded a women magazine in Kenya.


Andrea Tapper has reported from (selection):


Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Cameroon, Ghana; Egypt, Morocco, UAE,; Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mauritius; India, Thailand, Philippines, Shanghai; USA: New Orleans, Atlanta, New York, San Diego, Florida; Majorca, London, Brighton, Turkey


Interviews included:


Bestselling Thriller-Author Jussi Adler-Olsen, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Johannes Gauck (Summit SZ-Magazin), Winnie Mandela (South Africa); Harry Belafonte, Coretta King, Bernice King, Andrew Young, Jodie Foster (USA); Luther Vandross, Vjvienne Westwood, Kate Atkinson (UK); Benazir Bhutto, Taslima Nasrin (Asia); Rita Marley (Jamaica)

Andrea Tapper, founder and owner of tapperpress.com


tapperpress.com is the press agency of German born journalist Andrea Tapper for international journalism and communication based in Hamburg.




„When I first walked into the feature department of a Kenyan daily I felt instantly and absolutely at home. Journalists think alike everywhere, only the amount of freedom and support they get varies a lot”

Andrea Tapper