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Transitional countries in Africa and Asia, however, provide a different picture: there, a burgeoning middle-class and growing literacy are boosting print media.

New on-line ventures are being experimented with – from Nairobi to China. The cards in the global media world are being remixed, and never was it more enlightening to learn from each other. Professionalism strengthens the press. And a free press strengthens democracy.


An example of a print supplement on "Tourism in a changing Exgypt" produced by students of Ms. Tapper you’ll find here. The dossier was produced by students of Deutsche Welle Academy and German University Cairo (GUC) in Cairo, November 2013.


As a trainer and lecturer Andrea Tapper teaches writing  and communication skills to print and online journalists from developing and transitional countries, among others on behalf of GIZ (German Development Agency) and Deutsche Welle. A recent assignment was a 2-week-course for young editors in Khartoum, Sudan, about newsroom management and research skills.


Topics of workshops are, for example



tapperpress.com also advises newspapers, political institutions and NGOs on media policies and media relations. We develop new concepts for newspapers and magazines. As a media liaison and information consultant Tapper has worked for UNEP, the EU and a number of political foundations in Africa.


Media in crisis? From New York to Berlin,
print journalism is on a downward slope.



„Professionalism strengthens the press. And a free press strengthens democracy”

Andrea Tapper



„What ist he context here?“ As a lecturer Andrea Tapper teaches international up-and-coming journalists, here with student Zakia from Indonesia (large photo) and students at the German University Cairo (GUC)